Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Alice is a tomboy and loves sport. Her favourite sports are netball, tennis and football. Alice and Henry often have football competitions and she always wins! Alice has a dog called Frankie who she loves very much, and takes him on walks every day.
Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Charles is a really clever bear and loves school so much that he could live there! Charles is very sensible, unlike Robert. He is especially interested in space and he believes there are aliens out there. You will always find Charles looking at the stars trying to discover new planets.
Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Grace is a proper girly girl and loves everything to do with pink! Grace loves shopping and always looks for the latest trends. She also loves horse riding and really wants to own a pony. Grace doesn't like the boys very much – she thinks they are mean.
Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Henrietta loves animals and wants to be a vet one day. Her favourite animal is a Lion. She loves going to the zoo and also her Grandma's farm where she can feed the baby lambs. Henrietta loves the Summer and wishes it could be Summer all the time.
Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Henry is the leader of the pack and is very boyish. Henry likes to play football and loves every kind of sport. Henry supports Chelsea F.C. His favourite colour is blue. Henry's best friend is Robert.
Teddies for Loving Care Surrey
Robert is very different to Henry even though they are best friends. Robert loves the outdoors and enjoys making up games for him and his friends to play. One day Robert hopes to be an astronaut and be the first teddy in space. He is extremely cheeky and very mischievous.


Thanks to Amy Duffell for all the thought and careful words she wrote about the bears. Amy was our helper and supporter while she completed her Duke of Edinburgh's Award with us.

Many thanks Amy.